Privacy policy and data security measures

Data security measures

The following is a technical explanation of the measures we take to protect your data. If you have any questions about this information, please contact us by email at or by using one of the other options described in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

All study information will be stored in linked data tables. Identifying information (email address) will be stored in separate (but linked) data tables so that health-related data can be viewed by EGID Partners study staff as needed without association with identifiers when such linkage is not required.

The EGID Partners study teams will take the following data security measures:

Unencrypted Communications

EGID Partners may contact you through unencrypted electronic means to the email address that you or any person acting on your behalf provide to EGID Partners for survey related inquiries. EGID Partners will limit identifying information contained in communications to your email address and communications will not contain your personal information aside from your participation in the study and a link to login to your study account. EGID Partners can provide no assurance as to the confidentiality of information communicated to you by use of unencrypted email based on the risk that unencrypted messaging may be intercepted or visible to be read by third parties.


Here are terms are used in this Privacy Policy and referenced in the study consent:

“Personal Information” is information you supply to EGID Partners that allows you to be individually identified. This includes (a) identifiable contact information, such as name, address, telephone, and email address, (b) information you provide about yourself, such as your health or lifestyle information, and (c) “coded information,” which is the same information as (b), but with all of your identifiers and contact information removed and a random alphanumeric code assigned to it for search purposes.

“De-Identified Data” means information that does not identify individuals. In regards to your health-related information, EGID Partners will follow the standard set by a federal law called HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Under HIPAA, health information is individually identifiable if it contains any of the 18 individual identifiers. These identifiers include your email address and internet protocol (IP) address numbers. Generally speaking, when all 18 of these identifiers are removed, the information that remains is “de-identified.”

Thank you for reviewing our Privacy Policy.